We offer a one-stop facility for cylinder repair, remanufacturing and manufacturing. Our capacities lend support to remanufacturing and manufacturing of hydraulic cylinders of up to 30' stroke and 24" in diameter (larger application can certainly be accommodated). In addition, we also offer engineered hard-chrome plating, honing and machining and in house testing of all repairs.


Our welding capacities include: GTAW, FCAW,SMAW, GMAW. Robotic cylinder welding, metal bending, forming and punching to include not limited to, water and plasma cutting are all part of our team of resources. Attached photos will allow witness to some of our many capabilities.


Special parts and cylinder components, fabrication / machining are included in our specialties. With 5 dimensional water jet cutting, machining capabilities and in house engineering, it would be challenging to say we couldn't produce it. • Lathe up to 25' and 48" in diameter and 48" in diameter. • 60" Horizontal and vertical milling. • 5 axis water cutting capability. • Robotic welding


• Horizontal honing and I.D. material removal of cylinder tubes up to 24" in diameter and 30' long. We have honed everything from: stainless steel, aluminum and chrome.


• Turrent swivels are a vital and expensive piece of the hydraulic equation. We are well suited to remanufacture swivels by honing to deglaze and light material removal, prep and electroplate engineered hard-chrome plate. Hard to find seal replacements are not an issue. Normally, all vital dimensions are taken, CAD drawn and manufactured to exact specifications and fit.


It is a crucial step and one that must NOT be left out in remanucturing any cylinder. Grinding, polishing or revitalization of the micro oiling grooves on any hydraulic cylinder shaft is a must. Any cylinder repair is not complete without this procedure. If funds OR time are not avail for engineered hard-chromed plating, what we do is weld in to fill any scratches, hand grind to near surface and blend in perfectly with our grinder and grinding skill procedure. Manual blending utilizing rotating disc's cause scalloping and s more damage than good. Several major road machinery companies will vouch for our quick and effective procedure. WE pioneered it !


We'd have a messy world without them. Any size, new or old. We start from a part number (if avail), if that doesn't work, we size them up and produce a part number AND, if that doesn't work, we size them up produce a CAD drawing and have them custom manufactured.