Hydraulic Cylinder Specialist
Our team of hydraulic cylinder specialist combines a total of 190 years of experience. From 1.00 to 20.00 inch cylinder bore, we are capable of repacking, remanufacturing and manufacturing the toughest of the tough. Do you have a special application? Our crew also includes the complements of an experienced mechanical engineer in the field of hydraulic cylinder manufacturing and design.

We offer services such as on site cylinder removal and installation. We have trained and experienced technicians, machinist and welders. We also offer custom delivery service, and welding of most material and alloys. Milestone Hydraulics offers flexibility in mechanical design and engineering. We are knowledgeable in all cyliner types and manufacturers. We carry replacements parts i.e. seal kits, oil seals, bearings, fittings.

We carry various cylinder types such as telescopic, mining, excavator, mobile, metal bailer, cardboard bailer and industrial and ag.

With our in house machine shop, honing and water jet cutting facility, we are not limited in resources. Challenge us with your next project.

Hydraulic Cylinder Repair • El Paso, Texas

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